Through Nature Education for Stewards of Tomorrow (NEST) we are providing innovative hands-on experiential learning in nature that exposes K-12 students to STEM disciplines, sparks their interest and sustained use of STEM skills, and prepares them for further education and careers in science, conservation, outdoor education and related fields. NEST is comprised of five keystone programs: Eco-Learners (K-12), Little Creek Summer Camp (Gr 3-5), RiverVision Leadership Project (middle & high school), Conservation Leadership Crew (high school) and Flight Crew (high school). 

We place special importance on marginalized communities in our core service areas of North St. Louis County, north St. Louis City, and nearby Madison County in Illinois. We work with schools in these communities to provide high quality immersive learning opportunities they cannot offer their students due to lack of funds and/or expertise. Further, we have aligned NEST with Next Generation Science standards, which enables us to be effective partners in the success of both students and teachers. Our ultimate aim is new generations of leaders, innovators, and stewards of our natural resources.  

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