Thoughtfully planned and meticulously designed
This map of the Sanctuary highlights where our walking trails are. The black circle indicates the paved pathways around the Audubon Center. The length of these trails does not exceed 1 mile. The red arrows denote the other Sanctuary trails at Ellis Island, Heron Pond, Two Pecan Trail, and Teal Pond - these consist of mixed substrates and trail lengths varying from 1/2 - 2 miles.
Handicap parking spaces
Parking lot transition to front of Center.
Center entrance
Walking trails around the Audubon Center
Width of trails around center is 8 feet.
Sloping sections of the center trails are gentle and gradual.
The back porch of the Audubon Center includes a ramp to the lower section. There is a variety of seating options throughout the area including benches, rocking chairs, and picnic tables.
Section of Two Pecan Trail entering tallgrass prairie, gravel substrate
Section of Two Pecan Trail, grass substrate
Section of Ellis Island Trail, gravel and dirt substrates
Section of Heron Pond Trail, gravel and grass substrate

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Here, at the Audubon Center at Riverlands, we acknowledge that the outdoor experience varies from person to person, that includes individuals with seen and unseen disabilities.  To meet the quality of experience that we want to provide to all of our guests, we offer wide, 8-ft paved trails around the Audubon Center, gentle sloping paths with minimized inclines, 4 handicap parking spaces with ample space between each slot for ease of loading and unloading, handicap-accessible men's and women's restrooms, handicap-enabled automatic doors at the Center entrance, and coming soon - an accessible canoe and kayak launch!  Our Center video (A Spectacle of Birds) can be viewed with subtitles; additionally, our movie viewing room is sensory friendly with adjustable dimming lights and volume control.

We have included photographic representations of the variety of substrates throughout our sanctuary that you may come across on your visit to the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  The Audubon Center's parking lot consists of laid brick, center trails are paved, and the Two Pecan Trail, Heron Pond Trail, Teal Pond area, and Ellis Island Trail consist of a mixture of grass, dirt, and gravel sections (as pictured in the slideshow on this page).  Another wonderful way to experience our sanctuary is to bird by car!  Riverlands Way runs the transect of the sanctuary and passes through our various habitats including river, wetland, prairie, and bottomland forest.  There are two car pull-offs at the trailhead for Two Pecan Trail and Heron Pond Trail for you to bird with ease at some great wildlife hotspots!

We recognize that there may be some disabilities that we have not accounted for.  If you have further questions about specific offerings or accommodations, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at (636) 899-0090.  We look forward to having you out!

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