Bows for Birds

Each winter, Bows for Birds participants will be invited to visit 12 different park and natural areas in the STL region and will be challenged to find a “Bow for Birds” station at each location. Each location will have a map that participants will use to find a tree with a large bow on it. Once the tree with a bow is found, there will be an informative clue leading participants to find a specific bird species at that park. Each location will have a designated bird with a painted wooden bird cut out!  Wooden bird cutouts will be installed near the Bows for Birds tree in an accessible place. (We will also include high level information about the specific park where the clues are located with information about bird species you could see there year-round.)

Led by clues, once the bird is found, participants are instructed to post a photo with the identification of that bird with a yearly Bows for Birds hashtag as well as fill in their scavenger hunt sheets for submission to Audubon Center at Riverlands. Submitted worksheets will  be entered with the participant’s name into a raffle to win prizes. Raffle prizes are donations from local partners and organizations. The winners of the Bows for Birds event are then announced during our virtual Great Backyard Bird Count training mid-February. 

Remember to submit your entries by Monday, February 5th, 2024!

Click here for a digital submission form for Bows for Birds 2024!

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