Virtual Bird-Friendly Fridays

Tips & Tricks to make your home more bird-friendly
Northern Cardinal Photo: Howard Cheek
Northern Cardinal Photo: Howard Cheek

Virtual Bird-Friendly Fridays

Tips & Tricks to make your home more bird-friendly

As people around the world are spending more time at home in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to provide resources, inspiration, and learning opportunities to empower you to make your home more bird-friendly for the birds that we all love. Each week we will be live-streaming these presentations to Facebook Live on the Audubon Center at Riverlands page. If you are unable to attend that Facebook live session, you will be able to retrieve and watch the recorded session here by 5pm that same day. 

Upcoming presentations can be found below, with more to come! Check back for updates. 

Friday, April 10th, 2PM CT on Facebook Live

DIY Window Collision Solutions

If you missed our first Virtual Bird-Friendly Friday on Facebook Live, you can watch it by clicking on the video above! You will discover there are many fun, creative ways to help birds during spring migration, which is happening right now! We will show you how to create your very own window decals, a fun and educational activity to do with your family, by using common items you'd find in your home.

Friday, April 17th, 2PM CT on Facebook Live

Build a Backyard Bird Sanctuary 

If you missed this edition of Bird-Friendly Fridays, watch it here. St. Louis Audubon’s Mitch Leachman discusses how to create a bird sanctuary of your own. Highlights include discussion of how to use native plants to create a bird habitat in your yard, what plants are especially attractive to birds and what bird species we can expect to see in Saint Louis. Information will be provided about the St. Louis Audubon “Bring Conservation Home” program and other resources are discussed to help you on this project.

Friday, April 24th, 2PM CT on Facebook Live

Birds & Lights

Join us for an exciting third installment of Bird-Friendly Fridays on Friday, April 24th at 2:00pm (CT). We will discuss how lights and light pollution affects birds, local initiatives in the St. Louis region, and what YOU can do at home to make a difference. The event will begin with a presentation by John Rowden, National Audubon Society’s Senior Director of Bird Friendly Communities, followed with a presentation from local experts from St. Louis Audubon Society and the Missouri Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association. We will round out this informative presentation with a Q & A discussion with panelists Jean Favara (St. Louis Audubon Society), Don Ficken (IDA Missouri) and Tara Hohman (Audubon Center at Riverlands).


Friday, May 1st, 2PM CT on Facebook Live

Migration Along the Mississippi

Join our education staff for an informative and fun presentation on bird migration along the Mississippi flyway. We will discuss why birds migrate, hazards they face along the way, and what you can do at home to help birds on their migration. This is a family friendly presentation and we encourage you to invite students learning at home to join us, as well!

Friday, May 8th, 2PM CT on Facebook Live

Nesting at Riverlands & at Home

During this week's Virtual Bird-Friendly Friday, we will discuss nesting season and what it looks like at Riverlands and in our own backyards. We will highlight birds that commonly nest at Riverlands, restoration initiatives Audubon and our partners have started to support nesting birds, and what kinds of nests you may commonly find in your backyards in the St. Louis region.

Friday, May 15th

Backyard Birding w/Kids

Join educators from the Audubon Center at Riverlands as we share tips and tricks for backyard birding with kids. This will be a short, family-friendly presentation where we discuss how to get started birding with kids at home (or in your neighborhood) and some enrichment activities you can try out. See you on Facebook Live!

Friday, May 22nd CT on Facebook Live

Riverlands Ranger Chat w/Corrinne O'Brien

Join Ranger, Corrinne O'Brien, for a Facebook Live Ranger Chat on what's happening at the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary this May! This presentation will give you a sneak peak at what, or who, can be found along our hiking trails and shorelines this month. Corrinne will also cover what's currently in bloom along our prairies and wetlands, and provide information on how to make a splash along the Mississippi River Water Trail! Find out what Riverlands has to offer!

We hope to see you there, on Facebook LIVE!

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