New Bird Arrivals at the Sanctuary!

Mark Postal

The Trumpeter Swans have arrived! Many swans return to Riverlands each year, and we know this from the numbered bands on the birds' necks.  These bands are placed on the birds by scientists working in the birds' breeding grounds when the swans are very young.  The bands help us to track the birds and their movements throughout their lives. Because we can use the banding numbers to track the birds, we know that several of the swans were originally banded in Wood County, Wisconsin.  The swans' ages vary greatly.  Trumpeter swans can live over 24 years in the wild!  The best time to see the swans at this time of year at Riverlands is before they fly out to the adjacent agricultural fields to feed, or when they are returning to Riverlands' wetlands for the night.  That's approximately 30 minutes after sunrise or 30 minutes before sunset.  As the season gets colder, they will usually "loaf" in the wetlands a little longer in the morning.  And yes, "loaf" is the correct scientific term!  Come see the trumpeter swans...they are quite a sight! 

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